Marketing for the Rural West

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Helping You Reach More Customers

The growth and success of every business depends on customers… customers who use your services or buy your products and appreciate the value you provide them.  

Reaching more customers is a challenge for anyone, but even more so for rural businesses and organizations.  Building a strong web presence with a targeted marketing plan is pivotal in reaching more than just local customers. 

Below you'll find the core marketing services we offer to help you with your business growth.  Services can be developed independently or in combination, dependent on your budget and needs.  


Your brand is the expression of your unique identity.  It’s the representation of your business that allows you to share your one-of-a-kind story that connects with your customers.

Brand development, strategic brand planning and branded asset & logo creation are the primary services provided by Westwind.
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Website Design

Your website is your most important marketing asset and the only marketing platform within your complete control.  It allows you to connect with customers, providing them with the information they're looking for.

Responsive website design, website re-designwebsite maintenance, website hosting and domain registration are the primary services provided by Westwind.
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Content Development

Your content provides customers with your written and visual story, helping them to build trust and become familiar with your organization.  This is especially important for rural businesses who are reaching outside of their local market for new customers.

Copywriting, photography and video production, along with landing and lead generation pages are the primary services provided by Westwind.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing provides the path for rural businesses and organizations to be found online and reach more customers, allowing them to discover your products and services.

Search engine optimization, keyword research, sitemap creation and pay-per-click advertising are the primary services provided by Westwind.

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Social Media Messaging

Social media messaging is the avenue through which you can reach a larger, more targeted audience. They offer many opportunities for you to cultivate interaction with specific customer profiles.

Social Media account setup, social media campaigns and social media advertising are the primary services provided by Westwind. 

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