Dynamic Web Marketing


Branding : Websites : Content : Messaging : Metrics

Whether you manage it yourself, or have us manage it for you, Westwind offers a complete line of  web marketing products that can be combined in a variety of ways to meet your individual marketing needs.

Brand Declaration

Brand awareness grows when customers understand how you best meet their needs.
Branding services include:  Target market identification; demand and value discoveries;  brand declaration assets and marketing plans. 

Your brand is the foundation of your web marketing and the public perception of your organization. It’s important to define it and use it properly to reach your ideal customer base. 

Your brand should identify your market and demand. It should focus on your marketing plan and long-term marketing strategies.

Most importantly, your brand should highlight the value you provide and explain how you meet your customer’s needs.  

Building brand awareness strengthens customer confidence within your target market.

Branding Packages start at $695.

Website Design

Website conversions grow when customers are provided with clear navigation choices.  
Website services include:  Responsive web design; custom template layouts; content management systems;  drag-n-drop page builder.

Your website is the core of your web marketing and the only web platform within your complete control.  It’s the hub that allows your customers to find the information they’re looking for.  

Your website should provide easy access to your information, products and services.  It should be mobile-friendly and incorporate your branded design elements. 

Most importantly your website should provide clear navigation and strong calls-to-action that allow website visitors to become customers.. 

Growing website conversions broadens your customer base.

Website Packages start at $995.

Content Development

Content engagement increases when customers receive value-oriented content.
Content services include:  Search Engine Optimization; Copywriting; Photography; Videography.

Your content is the voice of your web marketing and the compelling reason that customers interact with you.  It conveys the written and visual storyline that explains the value you provide.

Your content should be search-engine friendly and people-oriented.  It should encourage engagement while being concise and informative.

Most importantly, your content should provide information that is relevant and valuable to your customer.

Building content engagement encourages customer interaction.

Content Packages start at $395.

Message Delivery

Message reach expands when customers receive consistent, timely messages.
Messaging services include:  Social media management;  Digital ad campaigns;  Social business page management

Your messages are the fuel of your web marketing and the avenue through which you can reach a targeted audience.  They allow you to highlight your products & services and to share your special offers.

Your messages should drive traffic to your website, encouraging interactions and conversions.  They should include both written and visual experiences that entice customers to learn more about the solutions you provide. 

Most importantly, your messages should be delivered to a targeted audience in a timely, consistent manner over a variety of platforms.

Expanding message reach elevates customer exposure.

Messaging Packages start at $395.

Metrics Definition

Indicators are identified when analyzed with digital dashboards.
Metric services include:  Data analysis;  Dashboard management

Your metrics are the testing tools that allow you to track your web marketing effectiveness.  They provide an efficient way to measure your perceived value and market demand.

Your metric indicators should be used to analyze the interactions between potential customers and your web presence.  They should be reviewed regularly in relation to your specific goals.   

Most importantly, your key metrics should be defined using a digital dashboard to help you make informed marketing decisions.

Identifying metric indicators enhances customer outreach.

Metrics Packages start at $695.