Dynamic Web Marketing

Four Core Marketing Components

At Westwind Web, we offer a wide range of dynamic web marketing products designed to help you meet your individual marketing needs.

All of our products can be used independently, but are most powerful when combined into one streamlined process.

Brand Discovery


Audience Discovery

Who & where are your customers?

Demand Discovery

What are your customers needs?

Value Discovery

What solutions do you provide?

Mission Discovery

What is your passion?

Vision Discovery

What are your goals?

Story Discovery

What makes you unique?

Website Design


Responsive Design

Is your program mobile-friendly?

Graphic Design

Have you created brand assets?

Template Design

Are you using a branded layout?

Navigation Design

Is your navigation user-friendly?

UX Design

Is your user-experience relevant?

UI Design

Is your page layout purposeful?

Content Development


Story Development

Have you created a story outline?

Keyword Development

Is your web content optimized?

Copy Development

Have you developed relevant copy?

Photo Development

Are you using quality photos?

Video Development

Have you included compelling videos?

Landing Page Development

Do you need focused lead-generation?

Message Delivery


E-News Delivery

Are you using an e-news letter?

Social Media Delivery

Do you post regularly on social media?

SEO Delivery

Is your web presence optimized?

PPC Ad Delivery

Have you tried pay-per-click ads?

Mobile Ad Delivery

Do you use digital advertising?

Analytics Review

Do you monitor traffic and insights?