Dynamic Web Marketing

Four Core Marketing Components

At Westwind Web, we offer a wide range of dynamic web marketing products and services.  Each of these is designed to meet your individual marketing needs.  

All of our products and services can be used independently, but are most powerful when combined into one streamlined process.

Brand Declaration


Audience Declaration

market research

Demand Declaration

need identification

Value Declaration

solution definition

Mission Declaration

business positioning

Message Declaration

outreach planning

Story Declaration

content strategies

Website Design


Responsive Design

mobile friendly programming

Template Design

integrated brand elements

Navigation Design

user-friendly menus & links

UX Design

relevant user experiences

UI Design

purposeful page layouts

Graphic Design

branded asset creation

Content Development


Story Development

storyboard creation

Keyword Development

optimized web content

Copy Development

relevant copywriting

Photo Development

quality photography

Video Development

compelling videography

Landing Page Development

focused lead-generation

Message Delivery


E-News Delivery

one-to-one outreach

Social Media Delivery

social outreach

SEO Delivery

search outreach

PPC Ad Delivery

online ad outreach

Mobile Ad Delivery

mobile channel outreach

Analytics Review

understandable stats