20 years and 100s of satisfied customers have helped us build a simple, proven marketing process designed to drive traffic and deliver measurable results. Our process can be customized in a variety of ways to meet your needs.


What is your purpose?
Clarifying your mission, vision and values are the first steps in marketing your organization.

In order to effectively market your organization, we need to be clear on your mission, vision and values, and understand your strengths and motivations.


What makes you unique?
Understanding your business is one thing, telling the world is another.

Uncovering the unique attributes that make you stand out in the crowd and becoming clear on your target audience will allow you to jump start your dynamic marketing campaign.


What is your style? How will your organization be best represented?
Colors, fonts, logos, navigation, content... how to decide what is best for your company.

The visual representation of your brand and the core of your digital marketing, your website is the foundation of your marketing platform and the fulcrum on which your organization will expand.


How will you engage potential customers?
Yes, content is king, but the proper style, use, placement and delivery of your content is absolutely critical.

Content creation is often the most difficult part of digital marketing. From populating your website pages to blogging and posting on social media, developing the text, images and videos that will support your brand can be challenging, at best.


How will you connect with your audience?
Blogs, Newsletters, SEO, Google, Internet Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming.

Choosing the right audience and channels in which to deliver your marketing message is just as important as the message you are delivering.


How well is it working?
The results are in… your web stats will help you decide your next move.

Tracking and analyzing the consistent delivery of well thought-out messaging is the best marketing measure you can take in making your marketing decisions.